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In Cabinet Sex&Co,

I welcome you in person or online to   specialized and personalized therapeutic support for a more fulfilled sexual, emotional and relational life.

Dare to talk about it to... free yourself... respect yourself... understand yourself... reconnect... accept yourself and move forward.

& Trauma


Sex therapy,
Couple Therapy


High Potential
Gifted Adults

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Love and making love do not come naturally.

My vocation is to help you better understand yourself, love yourself

and offer you opportunities to master this art.


We need you. Together we can make a difference :)

On 01/06/22 the Societies of University Sexologists of Belgium (SSUB and VVS) which represent more than 550 Belgian sexologists, drafted and published a petition "for the recognition of sexologist as an autonomous health profession" which I strongly invite you to read, distribute and sign :)

All the signatures, from Belgium and elsewhere, will be useful to us.


Consultations in FR, ENG by appointment only, in cabinet or online (info)

Any appointment canceled less than 48 hours (2 days) in advance is due in full, regardless of the reason for the absence.


Cabinet Sex&Co

Route d'Esch 169

1471 Gasperich, LU

RDV / Appointment on


Cabinet privé

Rue Gustave Thiriart 98

4000 Liège (Laveu), BE

Prise de rdv par tel / email :

+32 493 53 98 53

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