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When to consult? When a situation is unsatisfactory and generates suffering or impacts our personal, family and/or social life, it is important not to stay alone and to seek help from a professional. -THE.
Going to see a specialist is not an easy process and what matters is taking the first step.
To get better, sometimes it takes two people around the table to set realistic goals and think together about the best way to achieve them while aiming above all for their development and happiness.
Sexology is the science that rigorously studies human sexuality. It is a profession in its own right which lies at the crossroads of the human and medical sciences. The diversity of approaches and tools used, open-mindedness and constant reflection are therefore essential to most accurately approach the issues raised by people with multiple facets and roots.
A sexologist is not a doctor and is therefore not authorized to prescribe medication. In order to refine the diagnosis or ensure optimal care, it may be appropriate to advise and direct the patient to consult medicine, psychology, physiotherapy, etc.

Consciousness Activation (TAC) and PTR Hypnotherapy

Conversational hypnosis is a gentle, natural and progressive method to get rid of what hinders our well-being.

It is a state of modified consciousness that allows you to access your full potential and make profound changes.

In a few words, hypnosis is induced by voluntary concentration where the patient, guided by the therapist, will use their own resources to heal/evolve through the activation of memory, emotions and facilitated imagination. through the state of hypnosis.

Activation of consciousness is an active and invigorating method aimed at deploying the patient's inner strengths and allows self-training on a daily basis.

There are no medical or medication contraindications to hypnosis therapy 

When to Consult?​

Sexual difficulties

Psychological trauma - post-traumatic stress

Sexual trauma - gestational (pregnancy) - maternal

Relationship difficulties

Fear - phobia

Grief - loss - breakup

Stress - anxiety - anxiety

Psychosomatic illnesses and symptoms

Acute or chronic physical pain

Preparation for a specific situation: medical examination, operation, assisted reproduction, abortion/IMG, childbirth, etc.

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​Sex therapy


For any questions or concerns about yourself, your sexuality, your gender, your health:

Do I have normal sexuality?

How to overcome a sexual difficulty alone, as a couple?

How to manage to take pleasure and give it? How to protect yourself?

How do I satisfy my partner?

How can I improve my well-being?

How to seduce?

How to combine illness and sexuality?

How does my body work?

How to communicate and act better as a couple ?

The role of the sexologist is to inform and prevent in matters of sexual, relational and reproductive health.

He is also competent to identify, support and treat sexual difficulties in order to allow those who consult him to achieve more freedom and enjoyment on a personal and relational level .

When to consult?​

Sexual identities and orientations : woman, man, LGBTQI+

Loss or excess of sexual desire : hypo, hyper

Arousal disorder (erection, lubrication)

Pain during intercourse (dyspareunia)

Difficulty with penetration (vaginismus)

Difficulty or dissatisfaction related to orgasm , ejaculation, pleasure

Experience of mistreatment : sexual harassment, gender-based violence, touching, rape, incest, abortion, childbirth, gynecological/obstetrical violence, etc.


​High Potential

Have you always been questioning yourself, life, the world, others?

Your hyperactive inner experience (intellectual, emotional, sensory, physical) overwhelms you, is too fast, tiring and can block you?

Do your thoughts and overall functioning differ from others to the point of often questioning and isolating you ?

Do you need to understand everything, to always be stimulated and active and you struggle to take care of yourself?


Do you suffer from your permanent feeling of disconnect?

Do you need to better understand your functioning and live in a more harmonious and peaceful way ? 

When to consult?​

Perhaps High Potential or Hypersensitive?

Your life is a roller coaster (relationships, career, emotions, activities, health)...

You are neuroright-handed ?

HP post-detection follow-up

Emotional regulation

Desensitization of difficult past experiences


Life is made up of journeys and destinations that educate us, that guide us, that make us grow, towards a higher awareness of our existence. M. Rish

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