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Online therapy with ZOOM: in practice

To provide online therapeutic sessions, I offer the professional and free ZOOM application, easy to install and use. It guarantees the confidentiality necessary for therapeutic practice.


Teleconsultation offers many advantages, particularly in the event of an epidemic:

* Compliance with security measures (distancing, teleworking)

* More freedom and easier non-verbal communication without wearing a mask

* More availability for appointments

* The possibility of creating a resourceful, secure and comfortable place at home

* Qualitative care that satisfies both patients and therapists following more than a year of use of teleconsultation

In practice :

1. Install Zoom on your smartphone, tablet or computer, compatible with Windows and Mac.


2. Before the session, you will receive a zoom link with the “meeting” number and the unique personal code by SMS or email to connect.


3. Open the Zoom application directly or with the meeting link 5 - 10 minutes before our scheduled session: click on 'join a meeting' then on 'join with a video' and enter the meeting number received.

You will then be placed in a virtual waiting room and I will invite you to join me as soon as I am available.

Please test audio and camera operation on your zoom device in advance.


If you encounter a problem in the process, contact me to test the application together at a pre-arranged time.

Online therapy framework

For the remote consultation experience to be the most optimal and comfortable, it is essential to establish a clear and reassuring framework for everyone.

* These sessions are dedicated to adults individually. Couple and hypnotherapy sessions are not offered virtually.

* Payment for the session will be made before the session by bank transfer at the usual rate/hour, my bank account number will be sent to you with the zoom link.

* Choose a quiet and comfortable place where you will not be disturbed and alone (silence, closed door, without children - partners - animals). Prepare the place with tissues, a blanket, cushions, sufficient light...

* Remain visible and identifiable by the camera throughout the session.

* To be fully present, avoid doing something else at the same time.

*Recordings and screenshots are not allowed.

* Failure to respect this framework may result in the session being suspended.

* All appointments must be canceled 48 hours in advance (2 working days) at the latest, whatever the reasons or will be fully due.

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